The increasingly competitive environment in which today’s companies operate, makes it essential to have the most effective financial management for their activities.

The constantly changing macro and micro economic conditions impose the rapid decision making and implementation, aiming at the sustainability and mid-term development of companies.

Under these conditions, the need to create and maintain an effective Managerial Reporting system is more necessary than ever. A properly structured reporting system is a necessary prerequisite, not only for making target-worthy strategic decisions and monitoring their implementation, but also for the overall review of the effectiveness of a business organization.

KPC offers a series of services aiming at the creation of reporting tools that will allow the company’s Management Team to rely on high added value reporting during the making of any given business decision:

  • Research of the basic operational business segments and adjustment of the accounting records to the related reporting needs.
  • Adaptation and customization of ERP and MIS systems to the business’s operational needs.
  • Implementation of cost accounting systems in cooperation with the company’s Financial Services.
  • Restructuring of the chart of accounts based on the business’s operational needs, both on a commercial level, as well as on distribution and production levels.
  • Organization of the Financial Services in order to serve, in the best possible way, the operational monitoring of business tasks.