A company’s accounting department is the epicenter of its financial management and an integral part of each of its operational, commercial and production activities.

With an extensive knowledge of organizational and operational accounting procedures and related experience of over fifteen years, KPC offers prestigious services covering the whole range of related operations.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Drafting of annual and quarterly financial statements
  • Implementation of Greek Accounting Standards
  • Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Compliance with the current legislative framework
  • Adaptation of accounting plan to the needs of financial reporting
  • Customization of accounting IT systems
  • Keeping minutes of Board of Directors and Shareholder General Meetings
  • Intra-group transactions (transfer pricing)
  • Drafting of payroll statements
  • Compliance with labor law and monitoring of insurance matters
  • Monitoring of disclosure obligations to all institutional bodies.
  • Assessment of internal operational and auditing procedures
  • Compliance with Corporate Governance best practices
  • Organization of seminars on accounting - labor - tax issues, for training of personnel of the accounting department of the company